The different tracks have names like heaven, sea and hell. A passage is called the Zone of Death. If you want to run into nature and challenge yourself, you will hardly find a tougher challenge than Kullamannen and Kullaberg.

The easiest track measures 12 kilometers and starts in Mölle. 12 kilometers do not sound so much for a runner, but for those who are not used to the trail, it will be a challenge already here. You have to manage 500 meters altitude difference and if you run the mile in one hour you can count 1.20 at this track. It's hilly, it's beautiful and it's November.


Kullmannen is determined in Halloween when the weather gods often throws dark shadows, lateral rain and biting winds over Kullahalvön.


Simon Wikstrand, who arranges Helsingborg Marathon, has ran the 22-mile track a few times and calls the distance for absurd - "like running an entire marathon".


- You stop watching the clock after 700 meters. It's not worth it. You have full focus on the nature.


If you choose the 161 km track, you start at Norrviken's trädgård on the Bjäre Peninsula and take you to Kullahalvön via Skåneleden and Utvälinge. This is, of course, nothing for ordinary Svensson. The best need at least one day. But despite the fact that the maximum limit is set to 100 runners, 140 are already reporting their interest.


Kullamannen sports club organizes other races during the year as well. Like the Ladonia Mountain Memorial in July. On the website you can read: "One of the smallest but most mythical races that have taken place in Sweden. We will take you to the most beautiful and most brutal places we know on the mountain. To the deepest caves, the steepest slopes and places where people have not been in a very long time. If you already hesitate, you probably are right. "


You get the concept. It feels perfectly logical that two of the founders, Per Sjögren and Ulf Öman, receive in Kullens lighthouse, which the association operates and has as its starting point for various events. It's hard and dramatic here too, where Skåne ends and the horizon is unbroken. The wind blows and the view at the top of the lighthouse, dating back to the 16th century, either widen your senses or frighten you.


- We have never realized why to run in the city. The city is draining, nature nourishing. 90 percent of those who come here do it for the experience and performance. There is no one who talks kilometer times here.  Kullamannen is about delivering a small adventure.

Lidinge loppet, a wide dirt road in the woods.

They started Kullamannen together with Peter Nyberg as a way to finance "our own games around the world". These guys' perception of games can be about mountain biking in the Alps where you can navigate and carry your equipment for ten miles.


When the first race was determined, half of the runners broke when they came to Death Zone. They had run for two hours. Now 1500-altitude difference was waiting for one and a half hours. Then they met a sign: If you are tired now you have 500 meters to the goal and can break, otherwise four tough hours will be waiting for you. That sign was there to challenge the runners. No one was told that once you've made a tough climb, the race would be a little easier again. The Kullamannen is as much about challenging your mind as your body.


- We were never exited about the technology and the structural with running. Of course, over the years, we have learned all theories about how to exercise and everything, but it's always about the adventure and the experience.


It's not uncommon to hear about the Lidinge Loppet as a really tough race. This guys calls Lidinge Loppet for "a wide gravel road in the woods".

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The races at Kullaberg are al different. The paths and passages are many. You can of course explore them on your own at any time of the year. If you run one of the races - like the Ladonia Mountain Memorial – you have to be prepared to be exposed to unexpected trials. Map changes and new conditions are common. This race is nothing for the one who used to do the idiot on the football training and broke down if they were not told exactly how many trips the idiot would be.


At one point you reach a cliff. It is seven meters down to the water. It's not like jumping from the seven at Odenbadet in Falköping. The sea does things with your brain. You might land right in the gap of a killer whale? Not because there are killer whales in these waters, but still. If you do not jump and choose another road you will loose time.


What Kullaberg offers for the runner is so far from the gyms fluorescent lighting and dance music it is possible to come. When the start goes for the first runners in the Kullmannen race, it is 07:00 in the morning in November. There are no happy leaders to warm you up. But there is a fire and a knight. It's rough and dirty. And there's actually music, you just cannot hear Dance, pause.

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Published: 1 June 2017
Updated: 19 March 2018
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