Möllehässle nature reserve

If you are looking for a handy excursion that does not require equipment and planning, but yet can give you a great natural experience - turn your eyes on the Möllehässle nature reserve!

Start in Lerhamn. Park down the cozy little harbor. Be sure to take a nice dive from the trampoline. Here you will find one of Kullahalvöns bathing sites with deep and clear water. Of course you can also swim from the beach.


Choose Paradise Road and walk along the beautiful dirt road with grass in the middle, passing amazing old villas along the coastline. Greet the cows that graze on the fields. Or go straight from the parking lot to the now graveled railway lane that separates Lerhamn and Krapperup Castle Garden.


Here you will meet both cyclists and flaneurs. It is a few kilometers walk into Mölle, where you can enjoy restaurants and picturesque houses. If you want to continue, you can walk towards Ransvik and even out to the lighthouse of Kullen.

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The old “Möllebanan” went between Höganäs and Mölle. It was 10 km long and was in use from 1910 to 1963. The track was built by private actors, not least hotel owners in Mölle, and would simplify the tourist flows to Mölle. Now it is a very family-friendly and beautiful walking distance. It's no problem to go with a stroller here.


In these ancient pastures, one can see the view of “Klockgrodan” a specie of frog and lots of small birds. 

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Published: 19 March 2018
Updated: 20 April 2018
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